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Who Else Wants More?

If you are looking for more from your business, your team and yourself…
…To remove stress, get back on track and stay on track so you can actually have a life again...
...If you would like to make more money and exit the 'rat race' for complete FREEDOM…
…Then you have come to the right place!

Meet Andrea & Peter

Hi and welcome to our website. For the past 25 years Andrea and I have worked with business owners and entrepreneurs - helping them to remove stress, make more money and enjoy an amazing life. Having run two separate successful entrepreneur training organisations - with a combined turnover of $25+ million - Andrea and I met at an event, built our 'escape' plans and left our General Manager roles to create something very special we call - BizMojo.

Want an Amazing Life?

BizMojo was created to help you get on track, stay on track and make more money for an AMAZING LIFE. Now, we don't know what an amazing life means for you, however we do know that by removing business headaches and piles of stress along with making more money you will be free to escape the 'rat race' and live life on your terms.

How Can BizMojo Help?

We can help you by providing you with proven stress relieving money making techniques - THAT ACTUALLY WORK - combined with ongoing support so you can get on track, stay on track and make more money to 'exit the rate race' for an amazing life.

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