Business Bytes #27

Sep 28, 2020

Australia's leading small business experts discuss how to survive and thrive beyond the coronavirus.

This week's panel includes:

Kari Sutton, Speaker | Author | Thought Leader on Children's Resilience | Creating a Mentally Fit Generation, who supports families, schools, and early childhood services in laying the foundation of good mental health and wellbeing for future generations. Kari is committed to helping parents and educators equip children and young people with the skills they need to successfully navigate today’s complex and rapidly changing world.

Mitchell Yeates, Senior Financial Planner | Insurance Specialist | Business Protection Specialist, a very strategic and determined person who has now and always will have the client's best interest at heart and has a very holistic view for all his client's financial planning needs both now and into the future. He brings with him a very forward-thinking team who are always looking at new ways to make every experience the perfect one.

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